Upward perspective of a steel wire structure and building.

Business mortgage credit

Buy on credit any commercial or industrial property for your company. The rate is fixed and the term of up to ten years. The property can be new or used and the institution can finance up to 75% of its value.



An empty elegant boardroom with a long table and tall windowsRelief credit

A revolving line of credit gives you the possibility of having resources when you need them. The financial institution gives your company an open line that you can have at any time. At the end of the month you will be required to pay the interest caused by the outstanding balance.

Ideal to take advantage of market opportunities or make emerging payments.



A businessman opening a business newspaperSimple credit

.A simple credit is a financing that is granted when the company is clear about the objective of the resources. It is available in a single exhibition and is settled in a certain period. Its operation is similar to that of a personal loan. Ideal to develop productive projects or replace debts with suppliers or third parties.



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Loan credit

A lease gives you the opportunity to rent practically any asset that your company needs. Machinery, transport equipment, computer, specialized equipment, etc.

At the end, you decide if you buy it at a preferential price or you return it. The main benefit of the lease is that it is considered an expense and therefore is tax deductible.